To kidney or not to kidney, that is the question

My husband loves liver.

I get queasy just typing the word.

It was with liver in mind that I cringed when I read I should be eating offal several times per weekUgh! Can’t I just clean the toilet bowl with my tongue instead?!

Unlike tongue-based toilet-cleaning, the nutritional merits of eating offal actually exist. I decided I’d test out the offal my farmers market organic meat guys sell.

The liver in their 90% beef/10% beef liver grind was barely noticeable. Even my five-year-old, Li’l D, tolerated it. Success!

Chicken hearts were great. Li’l D loved them in coconut oil with a dash of salt. Another success!

And then we I came to the bison kidney.



Sweet mother of mercy, it even smelled like urine as I cooked it in coconut oil just before defiling yesterday’s veggie sweetness with it.

I choked down my first bite with the thought, tastes like urine, too.

I’m on a quest for nutrients, so I steeled myself to force every bite down my gullet. I mentally composed a post about all the ways it was disgusting–almost as disgusting as sea urchin! or fermented soybeans!–and got to wondering if I’d ever get used to the flavor, the way I told Li’l D he’ll get used to Paleo flavors.

I’d no sooner deemed it doubtful than … the foulness disappeared. I was eating the exact same thing, but it tasted normal.

Not like urine-soaked flip-flops, but something I’d put in my mouth without grimacing.

It was okay!

I don’t know if this is an acquired immunity or if I’ll have to go through this every time I eat kidney, but I do know the prospect of eating offal is a lot less awful if it’s only the first few bites that blow.

I’m much more optimistic about offal now.

Even so, I don’t think I’ll force it on Li’l D.




6 thoughts on “To kidney or not to kidney, that is the question

  1. All of the sudden my new vegetarian lifestyle is feeling really, really good!! LOL. But, I am super happy that you have found some nutrient rich foods that you can tolerate and even more happy you’ve found some that are a success for the whole family! 😉

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